Star Wars: Sword of the Demon

Party Pirates

Onars, Gareth, Nelko, and Nah Nah sauntered into the ballroom dressed to the nines.

Nelko mingled with a young woman named Lina at the bar. She was convinced that he might be a pilot with the Rebellion and expressed her dream of joining one day.

Onars was curious as to why the Empire was aboard the cruise, and he wanted to find a way into the engineering room. He found an Imperial Moff he had recognized, but the Moff acted strangely when Onars mentioned that he was with the Empire. The Moff denied any knowledge of an Imperial presence on the ship. Onars persisted in his questioning, but decided to leave him be and found the captain. The captain, sick of dealing with Imperials, handed him a key to a secret entrance to the engineering bay.

Gareth tried to get a drink, and he instead found himself meeting with the the pirate gambler who had swindled him. Things started getting heated between them, and the pirate mentioned the “Riders” again.

A Gammorean was also attending the party as a bodyguard to a dignitary. He grew board with listening to his boss go on about galactic politics, so he strolled to the bar to pick a fight with a female Wookie named Montacca.

Suddenly, the ship shook, and everyone blacked out. When they came too, pirates were taking over the ship. These were the “Riders on the Maelstrom.” Several came into the ballroom, and the party fought them off with the help of a squad of stormtroopers — the last remaining troopers on the ship.

The captured pirates revealed to the stormtroopers and the Moff that they were paid to hijack the ship, sabotage the sub-light engine, and ram the ship into a Rebel asteroid base, named Oasis Colony. The Moff revealed to Onars that he and another Modd were holding secret meetings on the ship regarding their manipulation of war data. The Empire had no idea they were on the ship, and he begged the party to help him save the ship and escape safely.

The party made their way into the security room to arm themselves and gain control of the cameras through out the ship. The hacked security drops on an upper level to create a distraction so they could execute a plan to escape the ship safely.

The captain and the Imps would retake the bridge, as long as the party repaired the engines. Lina and Montacca went with the party so they could get to the hanger and warn the Rebel base.

The Nelko and Gareth couldn’t figure out a way to disable the device attached to the engine, but Jubnak intervened and smashed it to pieces with his vibroaxe.

They made it to the Hanger after a shootout, and captured a ship that mysteriously had Onars swoop bike in the hanger. The ship must have belonged to that gambler Gareth met, and they jumped inside.

The ship, known as the Scimitar, is something that Nelko had heard rumors of. The ship was a Sith Infiltrator, and it was at least thirty years old. They say only one was ever made, but could it really be true? What mysteries will our heroes uncover as they make the jump to lightspeed?



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