Star Wars: Sword of the Demon

Escaping Aris

Finding sanctuary on the Kuari Princess

The adventure began as the Kuari Princess, a Mon Calamari luxury liner, orbits the jungle planet Aris. The heroes are running through the downtown streets to avoid the pursuing imperials. They were working in a factory, but unbeknown to them, it was a front for Rebel activity.

As they run through the city they are able to hack into a travel agency’s computer to get passes to the Kuari Princess, curiously the only ship the Imperials haven’t prevented from leaving the planet. They then evade the Stormtroopers, and make their way to a generator platform.

Aboard the Princess, they have several adventures on their own before they don the complimentary tuxedos to attend the ball. They’ve discovered that there is an Imperial presence on the cruise ship, but they do not yet know why.



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